February 7, 2024
"Empowering Innovation: Transforming Customer Productivity and Efficiency with Leading AI Solutions"

Highlighting customer value creation through AI innovations like GitHub, Microsoft Copilot and Azure AI, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Building on my earlier post about the Value Continuum – I’m examining how some of the key First Movers in Gen A.I are seeking to Create Value for Customers, and Capture value in return.

Microsoft has been a first mover on Gen AI with its investment in Open AI and the roll out of its CoPilot offering, last year. Highlighting 3 key offerings which I believe will continue to provide differentiated value to customers – and drive a positive upward spiral of ongoing engagement, for Microsoft.

Key Gen AI Solutions / Services

GitHub Copilot – probably the world’s most widely deployed AI developer tool, with over 1.3 million subscribers. Thousands of organizations are now using GitHub Copilot Business to improve productivity of their developers.

Azure Open AI: primarily provides access to advanced AI models, including those developed by OpenAI (like GPT-3, Codex, and DALL·E), directly through the Azure platform. It's designed to enable developers and businesses to integrate sophisticated language understanding, generation, and other AI capabilities into their applications with the ease and reliability of Azure's cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft 365 CoPilot: Enables individuals and organizations to leverage AI capabilities to simply complex tasks and increase employee productivity

Microsoft has also been a key proponent of low-code/no-code development, helping thousands of individuals and organizations create apps, automate workflows, analyze data and now build custom copilots. And with Copilot Studio, organizations can tailor Copilot for Microsoft 365 or create their own custom copilots.

Horizontal Platform Ecosystem

Microsoft’s Horizontal Platform Ecosystem is well positioned to help individuals and organizations explore a broad variety of scenarios. Teams can use AI-powered apps to transform key business functions (CRM/ERP), improve employee productivity within the flow of work.

Noted key value creation scenarios for a broad group of Knowledge Workers – as CoPilot’s help individuals do more with Microsoft’s communication, productivity, and collaboration tools. Microsoft is also offering value to Organizations seeking to build machine learning models from scratch or perform inferencing with trained machine learning models.

Reflecting on my write up about Value Creation – Organizations create value for customers by meeting existing needs, exceeding expectations, addressing key pain points and solving unmet or unidentified needs.

Organizations are struggling to figure out how best to leverage Generative AI, where to invest – what scenarios to pursue?

Business Leaders are asking their teams...

• How should we leverage Generative A.I to gain a competitive advantage, create net-new revenue opportunities, evolve business models, and generate operational efficiencies?

• How can we improve Employee Productivity?

• Who should we partner with and why?

Microsoft’s Co-Pilot offering & Azure AI solutions are evolving to meet customer needs, deliver value through innovation and craft compelling value propositions for business. Intrigued to see how other organizations with similar platform ecosystems will approach this Gen A.I value continuum.

Rotimi Olumide

Thought leader, speaker, multifaceted business leader with a successful track record that combines consumer & product marketing, strategic business planning, creative design and product management experience.

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