January 16, 2023
Prayer for Aspiring Leaders

Started out with a focus on the gifts of Solomon, Job, Joshua – over the years, I added a few more prayer points, based on other notable leaders. Individuals who used God Given talents to impact the lives of others.

It’s been well over a decade now, started back in 2009, shortly after I became a manager, for the first time. I can’t take credit for this Prayer – I certainly didn’t come up with it on my own. Started out with a focus on the gifts of Solomon, Job, Joshua – over the years, I added a few more prayer points, based on other notable leaders. Individuals who used God Given talents to impact the lives of others.

Ultimately, that’s what I’m hoping my Legacy will be. To be someone who helps leaders be more intentional, not just about our Leadership Aspirations, but also how we show up, what we give, how we serve. These Leadership aspirations are not for Christians alone – anyone can benefit from these traits.

The Wisdom of Solomon

“A wise man will hear and increase learning” I’ve reflected on the concept of attaining Wisdom – drawing my insights primarily from reading the Bible and looking back on my personal and professional experiences. I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t want Wisdom, but how do we seek it, develop, and nurture it. Is Wisdom the same as intelligence, or being smart?

When I pray for the Wisdom of Solomon, I’m reminding myself to actively seek Wisdom every day, through Thoughtful Inquiry, Listening, Observing, and nurturing a health curiosity. I

believe every truly Great leader is a continuous learner. An individual who maintains agrowth mindset, always seeking to test assumptions, learn and reflect.


The Patience of Job

For me, this Prayer is about reminding myself of the importance of Patience, first with myself and then with others. I’ve observed that I’m sometimes in a hurry –to identify goals/objectives, learn, problem solve, “get shit done”. As Leaders, that spirit of impatience impacts how we relate to others, how we deal with provocation, challenges, and setbacks. This prayer point serves as a reminder that sometimes, there’s benefit to slowing down and suppressing emotions.


The Calm, Discerning Spirit of Daniel

The Story of Daniel is an interesting one. He was one of the young men assigned to serve King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel and the other Young Men had certain Leadership Traits which endeared them to the King. Wisdom, Knowledge, the ability to quickly understand and ability to serve. Daniel is also well known for his faith, in surviving a night in the Lion’s Den. This Prayer though, is not for any of those traits.

The King had a dream that troubled him deeply. He gave the command that the wisemen in his kingdom should explain the dream and interpret it. When none could, he decreed that all the wise men should be killed. When Daniel heard that he was to be executed – he calmly responded with thoughtful inquiry. Once he found out the reason, He went directly to the king and asked for time to interpret the dream. He prayed and ultimately discerned the answers which the King sought.

This prayer is for the strength to nurture a calm demeanor and discerning spirit, when facing monumental challenges. Daunting or even scary scenarios, which every Leader deals with on a regular basis.

The Courage of Joshua

“Be Strong and Very Courageous”. As leaders, we seek to nurture a mindset which enables a person to face difficulty, danger, challenges, or setbacks without Fear. It’s one thing to be brave in the face of adversity – which you can see, feel or experience. It’s another to maintain the courage to press forward towards one’s goals, often without knowing what lies ahead.

The Strategic / Business Insights of Joseph

Joseph the Dreamer is best known for his ability to interpret Pharaoh’s dream. I associate Joseph with Strategic Thinking. After he interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, he came up with a viable strategy to address the coming Famine – and then led its successful execution. He successfully identified a problem and defined a strategy to address it. This prayer is for a Strategic Mindset to turn challenges into opportunities and find creative solutions to problems.

The Strength of Samson

We all know Samson was very strong. We know that the source of his strength was his hair – Samson also had weaknesses which ultimately led to his demise. As aspiring Leaders, it’s important to identify our strengths, core competencies as well as our weaknesses. This prayer is about nurturing the ability to shore up our strengths and work to address our shortcomings.

The Communication Skills of Moses
Every impactful leader is an effective communicator. This prayer is for the communication skills of Moses, who found ways to communicate effectively during periods of Crisis. Whether he was quelling in-fighting amongst the Israelites or delivering tough messages to Pharaoh. He used effective communication skills to settle squabbles, deal with conflict and dissent. He also inspired, encouraged, and motivated.


Leadership of David

David had a talent for leading others. David led by example – showing great bravery and faith whenever faced with adversity. He inspired others to follow him, even under very challenging circumstances. Only truly great leaders can instill a sense of purpose in others, which motivates them to go “above and beyond”. This prayer is for the leadership ability of David.

The Selflessness of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the ultimate Servant Leader. He preached service to others and consistently demonstrated selflessness. He also led by example – always serving others. Jesus also demonstrated Humility, Patience, and Empathy – traits compliment mindset of Selflessness.


So, What's Next? What type of Leader would you want to be? I’d encourage leaders to reflect on these traits – perhaps come up with your own aspirational prayers.

Rotimi Olumide

Thought leader, speaker, multifaceted business leader with a successful track record that combines consumer & product marketing, strategic business planning, creative design and product management experience.

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